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E-yoshin learn how to cook miso soup and yin yang recipe video

Why do we eat soybeans cook into miso?

Tofu and soy milk are also yin foods.
Miso is a seasoning that changes soybeans to yang.

Because it was made by adding salt, fermenting, and pressed.

・Salt is yang.
・Time is also yang.
・Putting a weight on it is also yang.

Cooking changes the yin and yang.

Kombu (kelp) and dried shiitake mushroom used in miso soup stock also have their own yin and yang, and the way to make dashi depends on the yin and yang of the ingredients.
For more information, please watch the recipe video and yin&yang quiz!

Miso is a fermented soybean paste.
It has sodium, choline, manganese, copper, zinc, protein, and small amounts of B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, and phosphorus. According to research, there are more than 161 types of bacteria and yeast in miso. Japanese women who drank miso soup regularly seemed to have a 50% reduced risk of breast cancer compared to those who did not drink it at all.(By Yamamoto reported)

Miso soup is a very easy soup to cook, once you master how to cook the soup stock and when to add miso. The ingredients for the soup should be seasonal vegetables. Blend several kinds of soup stock and miso to cook the perfect soup for the season and your health condition.

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