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Based on brown rice, shindohuji mindset, Yin-Yang, Japanes veggie menus

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Ingredients - for 8 to 10 balls

 ( Diameter of approx 3cm)
・Lotus Root - 200g
・Flour - 100g
・Salt - 1/2 Tbsp
・Sesame seed - 1 Tbsp
・Soy Sauce - Tbsp 1 (adjustable as you like)
・Sesami seed oil Some

Veggie Lotus Root balls


★ Efficacy of Lotus Root
Lotus root is representative of white color vegetable boosting function of lung and large intestine.
Especially good for lung and bronchial tube. The juice of lotus root has been used as a treatment for cough.
This recipe, Lotus root ball, contains even extracted juice of lotus root. Lotus root is able to use without any waste. And soft texture ball is very easy to eat for elder people who has difficulty to chew.

Simple grilled ball without seasoned is able to keep in a refrigerator for 2 to 3 days.
There are other ways to enjoy eating, for example, put in miso soup, cook with vegetables in Nabe(Hot pot), thread balls and chopped green onion onto skewer, grill it so you can enjoy it like a Shush kebab style. Here is another variation, enjoy eating like a dumplings drizzled with mixture sauce of soy sauce, kudzu and rice syrup!

★ Here are some tips
Adding more flour makes dough forming easier, the less flour makes dough more elastic and chewy.The juice from grated lotus root does not splash oil so much when you grill balls, therefore you can adjust the liquid-powder ratio as your preference. A little more liquid still forms good shape.

001:Basic Menu|Cooking brown rice using an earthenware pot recipe

As you know, brown rice is a superfood and a representative of whole foods.The reason why is because of the wide variety of nutrients contained in brown rice.

1. It is rich in vitamin B, which promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

2. It takes time for digestion and absorption prevents binge eating.


3. It contains fetinic acid and・・・

Trial Video

002:Basic Menu|Coming soon!


 I want to learn how to cook from you!
This project started with her words.
We are・・・
She graduated with honors from the cooking school Lima's macrobiotique course, He is promoting a martial art called "koppo", My partner coaches me with words and spirituality, And I started this project.

Our aim is to let more people know the importance of maintaining physical and mental wellness, and at the same time to increase the number of people who are in both mentally and physically healthy.


Yoshin is an SOS from the inside of your body.
For your beauty and health that you have started to notice.
Beautiful skin starts with beautiful intestines, and "Yoshin Labo" supports your beauty and health!
about "e-yoshin", we offer a veggie menu of flavors to go with brown rice.

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